Réserver une balade en mer

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Départ sur la grande plage

13260 Cassis, France.


CSLN : Cassis Sport Loisirs Nautiques

An output at dawn by Va’a

At the dawn of September 12 of the year of grace 2014, there they were, all six, on the beach, proud as punch in their canoe marseillo- Tahitian, ready to brave the seas (they had warned the them anyway). Their names: Manu-Reva, Claire- tuha légi’lé Manon-taka paga’ier, Philip Pagai ‘Touha Ossi, Flora-va’a lo, lo Laurent va’a Ossi.

Their boat was beautiful « appearance », (when they finally paddled, here not alone advance this stuff); they could ward off Gibraltar, but the creek of Camel they « pushed » (so to say), and finally moor their « hump ». Later, they released, on the way back to En Vau, hungry (croissants, pains au chocolat, brioches, missing coffee, then Claire « tuha légi’lé épa’lekafé ») to finally end their journey worthy of Odyssey, the Bada, landmark famous sea lions of the CSLN. Café-if you please!

In short, we feasted, it was super nice, the sunrise was stunning, thank you to Claire and Manu for this initiative to renew !!!

Flo and Lo