Here are the kinds of questions you ask and which we bring our response.


For the beginner, we can choose a very stable kayak and start without technique. For more technical boat, it is better to acquire some maneuvers bases, or club with experienced practitioners to draw full potential.

But whatever your level kayak, you thrive on the sea also, check the weather before leaving, put his vest and keep it throughout the navigation should become mandatory marine reflexes for your safety.

Know how to swim is the only mandatory requirement for kayaking. The walks offered by the monitors are more in the spirit “hiking” and “physical feat.” calm, windless sea conditions are favored for beginners. The monitor will choose the route depending on weather and group level.

As part of the rental you leave for 50 minutes creeks. A certain physical condition is necessary. This is a sustained and intense effort if it is windy. In case of bad weather we cancel the club’s activities.

Like biking, kayaking is open to everyone, from 7 to 77 years (our dean displays 84 years!).

Sports or just curious, up to 150 kg and above 2m, we will offer you the sea kayak model for you according to your preferences, your level and your place of navigation.

As part of our activity, we can offer different solutions adapted to your level. We can recommend a hike accompanied by qualified staff and graduate.

Unfortunately for obvious safety reasons, it is not possible to go to sea in our club if you do not know to swim at least 25m and immerse yourself.

All our kayaks are sea kayaks. Some are registered in AFFMAR which can navigate to 2 nautical miles from the coast (3 km 700), others are beach gear and must stay within 300 meters from the shore . We have “classic” closed kayaks with spray skirt generally used for hiking, but also kayaks Sit On Top (open) to choose from.

Kayaks available for rent, kayaks are usually Sit On Top (open) sailing in the sea to a maximum of 300 m from the shore.

Our sea kayaking activities take place rain / bad weather. We have learned over the years that weather forecasts are not always reliable. We ask our participants to provide the clothes accordingly.

Kayaks available for rent, kayaks are usually Sit On Top (open) sailing in the sea to a maximum of 300 m from the shore.


We ask you for ID for the deposit. We keep it for the duration of your business and you pay for the return of material in the state it was when you leave. Thank you to report any damage.

Your boat could benefit other people. And any inherent logistics, which was set up based on the number of registered, we will not proceed to a refund, except in cases of force majeure that would like the event to be canceled because of us (weather or other reasons …).

You can, for a large majority of our activities, register and pay directly through our website or come to the club. All accepted payment methods.

Rest assured! The payment service is secure and 100% guaranteed by WebReserv. In addition, the page is hosted on https (you can check it on your web browser), ensuring the security certificate of the site!

Parking in central car parks Cassis is often saturated. We recommend you follow the signs «Parking relais des Gorguettes» at the entrance to Cassis. . <<More >>

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