Cassis meteo

Before leaving, read the weather forecasts and instructions.

Local sailing conditions

The summer heat by a vast sea breeze settled.

A beautiful day kayak without much difficulty perspective.

It is still advisable for beginners and families kayak off before 12 am and return in the late afternoon, driven to return by the sea breeze.

Wind dominant O-NO land wind.

Vent dominant O-NO vent de terre

Consult forecasts

Flat sea by staying very close to the West Coast.

Browsing to the beach in the Arena and the Dirty Cape is very dangerous (The wind pushes off) by taking cover against the wind with the terrain, access to creeks Port Miou, Port Pin and En Vau is possible even in strong wind but it is strongly recommended not to exceed the cove of En Vau.

For wind East, South and SE wind.

The sea is rough from 3 Beaufort. The kayaking on the creeks and Cap Canaille his reserved for experienced practitioners and in good physical condition.

Cassis and La Ciotat remote within 10 km, have the same weather bulletin.

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