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13260 Cassis, France.


Regulatory, Safety creeks of Cassis

Regulatory Safety

Insurance FFCK canöé Tempo


Read carefully before departure kayaks rentals

As part of your rental kayaks you automatically receive insurance Canoe Tempo, personal liability covering your practice over the lease period in our Kayak Club.

Download PDF: Insurance-FFCK 2016


Safety Tips:

I can swim 25 m.

I wear my vest on board the kayak during navigation.

I do not move away more than 300 meters from shore.

I respect the Lighthouse and the navigation area (explanations are displayed to the club).

I check the weather of the day displayed at the club.

I respect the rules on access conditions Calanques.

(Flag: Orange-Red-Black) from June to September.

I always warned the club of my return.

In case of heavy swell, I stand at the coast a safe distance.

In case of problems, stay on the kayak. I never returned to swimming.

(You’ll be safe on the kayak and easily identifiable from a distance).

I do not overestimate my strength, I think the returns.

If problems (weather, fatigue …) I inform the club and I remain sheltered in a cove. I wait for rescue. A club safety boat will pick me.

I team a mobile phone because it is a guarantee of safety kayak.

I take a drink and an « if » (dried fruit, energy bars …).

I protect myself from the sun; sunscreen, shirt, cap, sunglasses with cord …

I often hydrate.

Wearing closed shoes are required.

I give the material in the state in which you gave it to me.

Equipment aboard the kayak in summer:

I take a drink and an « if » (dried fruit, energy bars …)
I protect myself from the sun; sunscreen, shirt, hat, sunglasses with cord and I often hydrate.
Wearing holding the heel shoes are required.

In winter:

I wear an isothermal suit, a raincoat.

Charter an eco-responsible behavior in the national park of the creeks:

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