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Départ sur la grande plage

13260 Cassis, France.


The creeks of Cassis

The massif of Marseille and Cassis Creeks

Visit the blackcurrant creeks by kayak is a great way to experience the mountains in general. From the sea, the creeks are wonderful.

Cap Canaille :

At the foot of its 394 meters, one becomes aware of gigantism of the Dirty Cape. A nice kayak ride along the Cape Canaille.

Morgiou :

Morgiou the cove is deep enough. In the background is the harbor with a few professional fishermen, huts and a restaurant bar. On the right a path that leads to Cape Morgiou (where the prehistoric cave Cosquer is). On the left the trail passes over a small sheltered beach and leads to either Sugiton either to the second dam and the fallen stones.

Devenson :

The creek Devenson formed from a wide barrier cliffs is probably the most beautiful and wildest of all the coast coves. Located between the inlet of the glass eye and the creek Oule, these cliffs and ridges provide an exceptional view of the plateau of Castelviel. This cove is known for its wild nature as it is accéssible after over an hour of hiking. You can access its peak by 3 marked trails that start from the cove Sugiton, En Vau or the neck of the Gardiole (forest house). Access to the cliffs requires the use of ropes.

En Vau or Port Pin :

The creek of En Vau is the grandest of its high cliffs. At the bottom is a pebble beach. It is reached by the county 559 that goes from Marseille to Cassis. In front of the military camp Carpiagne take the road through the forest of the Gardiole, to continue parking in height. The path descends the hill remains the same so that it sinks into a kind of parade that opens the last corner of the sea. The reward is huge.