Calanque de l’Oule

Things to discover while climbing the Calanque de l'Oule

Are you a fan of rock climbing and are you looking for a circuit that will allow you to enjoy this passion during the summer holidays or during a weekend with friends? The Calanques located at the gates of Marseille are among the unconditional ones where you can make your climber dream come true! Whatever your level, these craggy and sheer rocks will allow you to push your limits. Among the must-sees, the Calanque de l’Oule should certainly be on your list of rocks to climb. To make the most of your stay, here are a few things you should know about this place.

The Calanque de l'Oule, itineraries for every desire

The Calanque de l’Oule has all the necessary conditions for escala de enthusiasts, whatever their level. Whether you decide to reach this summit from Marseille or Cassis, you will have no trouble climbing the areas and routes that make it up. If you don’t mind walking to your starting point, you will discover beautiful places away from the crowds and magnificent views. This is certainly what characterizes this cove.

The Calanque de l'Oule, a place with many faces

Besides the popular cliffs with their pretty fishermen’s houses, the Calanque de l’Oule is also a climbing spot not to be missed. It should be noted that this calanque is the place of predilection to enjoy a moment of peace and tranquility far from the frenzies of the big cities. It is one of the highest sea cliffs in France and remains an ideal place to appreciate a landscape composed mainly of the deep blue and an Azure sky. You will certainly appreciate the beauty of the sunset from the top of the crest of this rock, provided you have all the conditions for a safe climb.

The Calanque de l'Oule, a favorable climate all year round

The Mediterranean climate is suitable for climbing all year round and it is not uncommon to hike these trails even in the middle of winter. As the cliffs are oriented differently, you may have many route options depending on the weather conditions. For the Calanque de l’Oule, we recommend that you check the weather forecast before planning your getaway. Note that from June to September, access to the Calanques National Park contains certain restrictions. Be sure to inquire about this before putting on your hiking boots and reserving your climbing equipment.

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