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Paddle boarding during your vacation in Cassis, things to know beforehand

Cassis is the ideal place to practice paddle, one of the most popular activities in the area. This passion is certainly explained by the fact that the locality has the best places to practice this kind of activity while enjoying the landscape it offers. All you need is to choose the best nautical club that can accompany you in the region. Whether for the summer holidays or for the weekends, you will certainly find what you are looking for in a good club!

Rentals, but also lessons

You should know that the club of paddle rental in Cassis does not only offer equipment rental for the initiated, but it also takes under its wing the uninitiated in order to offer them kayaking and canoeing lessons tailored to each individual’s own needs. Therefore, we recommend that you contact the center where you registered for more information about the courses but also the price. Tailor-made learning is perfect if you are entering this sport for the first time.

As the popularity of water sports soars across Europe, Cassis is one of the most popular tourist destinations at the moment. With new and exciting sports and activities popping up all the time, this place attracts people looking for adventure and a reconnection with nature. So, you too, do not hesitate to jump in the water!

Precautions and safety measures

Although there is a wide variety of water activities that you can enjoy in Cassis, meeting certain safety standards is essential to be safe. Among the precautionary instructions to follow, wearing a life jacket as well as training in the appropriate activity is recommended, especially if you wish to engage in this type of activity without help.

Even after receiving training, stay within your limits and slowly build your experience. Join a recognized club to receive training and useful advice for your activity.

Feel free to plan and organize your activity in advance while making sure to check the local weather forecast and let someone know your fate and your expected time of return. Be aware of proper emergency procedures and make sure you have the necessary safety equipment and that it is working properly when you need it.

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