Calanque Port Miou

Calanque Port Miou, for a unique holiday this summer

Are you looking for a quiet place where you can get away from it all while indulging in rock climbing? The Calanque Port Miou on the Marseille coast is certainly the place where you will have to leave your luggage. So, if you are wondering, why this place is so special it is quite simply because it offers the best spots for climbers, professionals or amateurs!

A place to give free rein to your desires

Do you know that climbing is more than a sport, a lifestyle and a guideline to be able to surpass yourself. It helps me stay focused on what’s important in the world we operate in right now, especially as it guides you in making decisions. The sport itself is an incredible challenge in terms of managing your own limits. To do this, the Calanque Port Miou offers you many possibilities. The uninitiated will discover that it is a paradise on Earth and where they can fully live their passion for climbing and discovering nature.

A place to start climbing

For those who love a simple day hike near Cassis, Port Miou is the closest to town, and Port Pin is a nearby cove with a small pirate bay that you can visit during the day. From there, if you follow the coast towards Marseille, you will arrive at the Pointe d’En-Vau known for the Calanque d’En-Vau with its cliffs and its breathtaking landscape. This place should be on your list during your stay in order to plan a vacation worthwhile! You will have the pleasure of living new experiences but also intense moments in terms of getaway, especially if you are looking for the best way to recharge your batteries.

We must recognize that climbing is one of the best ways to recharge your batteries but also to reconnect with nature. It is for this reason that holidaymakers who are adept at this type of sporting activity particularly appreciate Cassis for its rocks, cliffs and hiking trails designed exclusively for this purpose. If you too want to enjoy the wonders of the region, do not hesitate to organize an adventure at the Calanque de Port Miou. Enough to spice up your stay while enjoying the best that nature can offer us, far from the stress and hassle of everyday life.

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