Cap Canaille

Cap Canaille things to see during your stay

For nature and challenge lovers, Cap Canaille in Cassis is certainly one of the places where they can fully experience their passion! Located along the Côte d’Azur and rising 394 meters above the beaches of Cassis, Cap Canaille is certainly the highest cliff in France, the perfect place to meet when you are a fan. climbing. So, to plan your stay in this place, here are some things that you should definitely know.

The peculiarity of Cap Canaille for rock climbing

Cap Canaille is known for its dizzying height but also for the spectacular view it offers. Climbing this cliff is one of the flagship activities to be carried out during a stay in Cassis and its surroundings. It is known for its sheer gray and ocher colored cliffs that jut out into the ocean, providing a memorable landscape after spending hours climbing it.

You will be able to glimpse the Mediterranean coast once you reach its summit, which is perfect for watching the sunset. It should be noted that the rugged promontory has long attracted visitors looking for a perfect place to rejuvenate and offers spectacular views that stretch over the sparkling French Riviera, the Calanques and the Gulf of Cassis. Enough to enjoy the authentic charm of this place while remaining closest to nature.

Go to Cap Canaille to enjoy this wonder

To organize your hike to Cap Canaille, the easiest way to make your dream come true is to take the 15 km “Route des Crêtes”, a vertiginous winding road that winds along the coastal cliffs and climbs to the highest point. point. At each point, you will have the pleasure of enjoying a breathtaking view of the surroundings. You can choose between a hike, a cliff climb or even follow the cycle path by mountain bike.

You should know that this region is appreciated for the variety of sports activities it offers. So, if you too want to organize an unforgettable stay during your next visit to Cassis and its surroundings, do not hesitate to take a trip to Cap Canaille, the perfect place to live new adventures and to enjoy your holidays. thoroughly. Whether you are more of a lover or endurance sports fan, you will be spoiled for choice during your holidays on this Mediterranean coast.

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