Windfoil prices/ Wing

Windfoil discovery

The new trend in foil or hydrofoil sports cannot be overlooked.

Do you already windsurf and hesitate to launch?
Do you just want to try before you invest?
For this 2021 season, the CSLN nautical club offers you the opportunity to introduce you to wingfoil in the best learning and supervision conditions, with our state-certified instructors 3h30 of lessons, including theoretical and technical briefings, navigation and debriefing.
Full suit, helmet and impact vest will be provided.

Provide neoprene slippers.

Come take off and make your first flights in the Bay of Cassis!

April / June – September / October

VS 3 Wingfoil course 3x3h30 300 €
July August
3 Wingfoil course card 3x3h30 360 €
Wingfoil découverte
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